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Our firm represents police officers, firefighters, their unions, and their pension funds. We represent more than 150 fire and police pension boards. Reimer & Dobrovolny Labor Law PC also serves as legal counsel to more than 50 police and fire union locals across Illinois and Indiana.

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We represent public safety officers in a vast variety of contexts. From defending against allegations of civil rights violations to representation during internal investigations, our attorneys stand ready to help. If you are a public safety officer in need of assistance with a legal matter please contact us to arrange for a confidential consultation.


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We know the work you do and the needs you have. Both legal and real world consequences are considered when consulting clients. Please let us know if we can help you.


Our firm has more than 35 years experience representing firefighters and police officers.

Reimer & Dobrovolny has argued numerous cases of first impression. We have made the law others cite to. Representing police officers and firefighters is what we do and we are proud of the people we represent.