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Since 2010, Alfred J. Molinaro has been a legal assistant with the law firm of Reimer Dobrovolny & Dobrovolny PC. Al assists in collection and development of information for negotiating collective bargaining agreements on behalf of police and firefighter union clients. He prepares and organizes supporting materials and evidence for hearings before fire and police pension boards, the Illinois Labor Relations Board, boards of fire and police commissioners, and arbitrators. Mr. Molinaro also provides general litigation support.

Mr. Molinaro began representing organized labor while working as a Firefighter/ EMT for the Village of Maywood Fire Department. Al served his chapter as a steward, and later as a member of the bargaining team. He had been an active member of the Illinois Professional Firefighters Association (“IPFA”) from 1985 through 2011, and he is now a retired member. He was an associate member of the Illinois Public Pension Fund Association (IPPFA) and regularly attended conferences.

In 2003, Al was hired by a labor organization where he was charged with representing numerous firefighter chapters. As lead negotiator for several units, Al successfully bargained multiple collective bargaining agreements. Al developed training materials and classes to enhance union advocates’ ability to serve union members. He also assisted legal counsel in preparation for numerous grievance and interest arbitration hearings. In 2005, Mr. Molinaro was named the Union’s Division Director. As Division Director, he took on additional responsibilities, including representing multiple public works employees along with clerical workers. He was re-elected to that position in 2008, until he retired from that Union’s executive board in early 2010.

Mr. Molinaro retired from the Village of Maywood Fire Department in 2011 after working through the ranks eventually to the commission of Captain (i.e. Shift Commander). During his career, Al was certified as a Firefighter III, Fire Officer, Firefighter Instructor II, along with attaining certification as a National Incident Management System (“NIMS”) command officer under FEMA. He successfully completed classes administered by the National Fire Academy, Illinois Fire Service Institute, and Northern Illinois Public Safety Training Academy (“NIPSTA”). He also served as incident commander to numerous emergency responses. Along with his responsibilities as shift commander, he was charged with developing training materials, testing and maintenance of suppression equipment, and making recommendations to his Chief Officer for updates to the Mutual Aid Box Alarm System (“MABAS”) run cards.

Mr. Molinaro has been married to Barbara for over thirty years, has two adult children and currently resides in DuPage County, Illinois.